Important Questions to Ask When Looking for Student Accommodation in Australia

From university-provided accommodation for student, apartments and residence halls to home stays and private rentals, international students in Australia have various accommodation alternatives. If you are among those who plan to study in Australia, there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the right Australia student accommodation.


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Below are some of the questions that you must ask yourself before you start shopping for accommodations. However, if you wish to stay in the city near your campus, just visit Student One for registration and rental details.

Where can I start looking for student accommodations?

Your initial step should be to visit your university’s website, where you will discover a lot of classified advertisements about renting a wide range of accommodation. Your institution will likewise have university consultants to help you find the right accommodation for student like you.

How should I choose a rental property?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are choosing a student accommodation to stay for one year or for the whole duration of your course. These include:

  • Location

One important point to look at when looking for a student accommodation is the location, where the public transport, business centres, and essential shops and cafes are easily accessible.

  • Communal facilities

Some international students Brisbane and Australia wide prefer to have a gym, a study or a library, or a recreation area inside the facility. If you love to workout or play pool, choose the accommodation which offers such amenities.

  • Excellent customer service

Customer service is important especially if you want to have a pre-arranged accommodation before moving to Australia. So, make sure that you choose the one which offers such service to keep you from future issues with them.

  • Safety and security

Student share accommodation and apartments must not only have student-friendly amenities but also safety and security. In order to find out, try checking the apartment provider’s website for client reviews.

  • Price

Of course, price always matter when looking for a student accommodation in the major cities of Australia. You don’t want to spend all your monthly allowance, do you?

How much should I spend for my accommodation rental?

It is important to choose a rental property or student accommodation that meet your needs. Whether it is an apartment, a house, or a student residence hall on campus, their facilities are essential to make you comfortable for the entire duration of your stay. However, you must also consider the monthly rental that you will be spending for the entire month.

Can I pre-arrange my accommodation before arriving in Australia?

Whilst it is not recommended to organise or pre-arrange a rental accommodation before you arrive in Australia, it can still be securely possible if you have a close relative or friend whom you can trust to arrange the accommodation for you. Ideally, you can move to Australia two or three weeks ahead of the university orientation to prepare the place yourself.

Which type of accommodation should I choose?

Accommodation for student in Australian cities are either provided on-campus or off-campus. You can choose among student flats, residence halls, dormitories, private rentals, and shared houses or apartments. However, whatever accommodation you choose, make sure that you have weigh down their benefits and disadvantages to ensure that you pick the right accommodation.