Outdoor Activities in Kosciuszko National Park To Try

One of the most popular and best-loved national parks in all of Australia, the Kosciuszko National Park attracts millions of visitors every year!

This 6,900 square kilometer park is named after Australia’s highest mountain, the Mt. Kosciuszko that proudly stands at 2,228 metres. This stretch of wilderness and rugged mountains is characterised by a cool, alpine climate, making it a nice spot for bushwalkers and recreational skiers.

Here are some of the best outdoor activities to try when in Kosciuszko National Park. Make sure to also try our tours and guided trips you can book on the website https://reynellarides.com.au/.

  1. Hiking

Proudly standing as the highest mountain in Australia, hiking to the peak of Mt. Kosciuszko is the number one outdoor activity that visitors seek. As a matter of fact, there are approximately 100,000 people visiting the Australian mountain every year, with the majority of the visitors hiking during the summer.

Throughout the summer months, it is possible for anyone with a moderate fitness level to climb and reach that summit, thanks to the raised metal walkway installed to prevent erosion and protect the vegetation.

Meanwhile, from June until October, the Alps are draped by heavy snowfall which makes the ascent quite challenging and is chosen to be climbed by avid hikers and requiresa guide with the appropriate hiking gear and footwear.

  1. Horseback Riding Safaris

For the people who don’t like or can’t hike but still want to see the trail’s scenic view on the way to the top of Mt. Kosciuszko, several horseback riding safarisare offered like the ones on the site https://reynellarides.com.au/.

You can go to multi-day horseback safaris, providing you with a nice opportunity to see what the Australian mountain plain has to offer— native animals and plants such as emus, platypus and the beautiful Billy buttons that flourish between late spring and early summer!

  1. Fishing

Australia’s Snowy Mountains are also quite famous for their well-stocked trout streams with hundreds of fishing locations to choose from.

Summer fishing in the calming and pristine waters of the Thredbo River makes an unforgettable experience. Trout season runs from October to late May every year while the famous Lake Eucumbene which has the reputation of having the highest concentration of trout in all of Australia is open all-year-round!

You can learn the basics of fly fishing on guided tours, a sporting day’s activities for ardent anglers in an idyllic environment. Go visit the Garden Trout Hatchery or participate in the week-long Snowy Mountains Trout Festival held in the spring.

  1. Skiing

For the avid skiers, the Kosciuszko National Park is considered as the skiing Mecca of Australia, thanks to the multitude of mountains, slopes and resorts as well as the wonderfully cold climate, and unique alpine scenery.

There will be no lifts to take you up, no hot chocos break or even ski patrols manning the slopes. However, there is the long, uphill slog and the sheer joy of a guaranteed awesome descent for the skiers wanting their fix.

And skiing is not the way to spend a snowy holiday in the Kosciuszko National Park. There are plenty of other winter activities you can try including snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, scenic chairlift rides, snow-tubing, tobogganing and a good ‘ol snow-ball fight with your mates!

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