Ready to Go on an Adventure on Rainbow Beach?

A place that boasts of the name Rainbow Beach can only be special, right? Such is the case with this cosy, laid-back little town located in southeast Queensland, which you can reach either by public bus transport or by driving your own four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle, like the ones rent out.

Tucked in between the incredible beach town of Noosa and the famous tourist attraction, Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach is a modest yet fantastic place, suited for those that enjoy the beach and the wonders of Mother Nature.

Seeing as it is in South Queensland, Rainbow Beach enjoys great weather for most of the year, leaving guests with lots of opportunities to just kick off their shoes, go run in the sand and enjoy the lukewarm waters.

To pique your interest a little more, here are some things to know about Rainbow Beach:

How to Get to Rainbow Beach

Making your way to Rainbow Beach is arguably the most difficult part and is probably a factor in why not a lot of people have seen the wonders of this area. While you can take a Greyhound bus to the area, the best way to get there is by enjoying an off-road adventure by renting a 4WD vehicle. If you choose to go this route, you can go and check to find out what vehicles they have.

Driving through the beach is an exhilarating experience but you also have to be wary of the tide as it can come up pretty quickly. And so, it is best to always check the tide timetables and plan your drive accordingly.

What are Your Dining Options at Rainbow Beach?

All that off-road driving can leave you famished and in need of some culinary recharging. Fortunately, there a lot of comfortable places for you to plop down and enjoy a meal with a fantastic view. If you are on a tight budget, you can pack your own lunch, find a spot at one of the many picnic benches on a gorgeous park overlooking the stunning beach, and chow down.

You can also head over to the Rainbow Beach Surf Club and enjoy a reasonably-priced meal, which you can wash down with a bottle of beer. If a light meal is what you are after, go on to the espresso bar near the Rainbow Beach Hotel. It is open to serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What to Do at Rainbow Beach?

Upon reaching Rainbow Beach, you’ll be met by a stunning beachfront filled with powdery white sand and glorious azure waters. Located at the end of the main street, Rainbow Beach is a popular spot where you will find a robust mix of locals and tourists.

Take a dip in the friendly waters that do not have any of the strong currents that other beaches in Australia have. The beach also has regular patrols, making it popular with families that have young children and inexperienced swimmers.

Another must-see attraction at Rainbow Beach is the coloured sands. To see this natural phenomenon, you can drive a few kilometres to the purple-striped dunes that extend from the cliffs down the beach. Since it is quite far from Rainbow Beach, renting a 4WD vehicle from a company like is ideal.

The bumpy drive is well worth it as it rewards you with one of the most attractive natural wonders you will ever see in Queensland. Pick a sunny day to head over there and you’ll find that the combination of the clear, blue sky, the white beach, and the purple sediment layers is an absolute marvel to behold.

So, if you are looking for an adventure out on Queensland’s coast, hop onto your 4WD vehicle, drive over to Rainbow Beach and have yourself a glorious good time.