Welcome to 2oceans1rock

Tonight I’ll be giving an account of the trip from L.A. to LA at the New Orleans Yacht Club. I’ll be going over the course as seen on my routing software and explain the particulars of each day, and brushing over the Panama Canal because, what’s there to say about that! There is no better place to finish a long journey like this than home. I’ve never done that before. All of my other solo trips have been to new places, so it never felt like it was ever really “over” even when I arrived at the dock. This however ended the moment I passed through the Highway 11 bridge in Slidell, a place I grew up sailing. That’s when the whole experience washed over me and I felt relaxed for the first time in months. Of course I need to get back to duty now and start marketing this project for real. Now I know what’s possible with this boat, and what changes need to be made for a longer more grueling adventure like the one I’ve proposed. I know it can be done, and I think I can do it. It starts now.